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Blueprint Wallpaper - sticky by stickyrice Blueprint Wallpaper - sticky by stickyrice
Blueprint Wallpaper.

Resolutions Available in ZIP:
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024

Also available, a Blueprint wallpaper pack from Chadamus listed below.

Based on the "Blueprint" Winamp Skin by me.

"Blueprint" Suite created as a joint venture between Stickyrice and Chadamus .
Skins created by Chadamus with permission from Stickyrice.

See other apps in the series:

By Chadamus:
Windowblinds for Win98/ME/2k: [link]
Windowblinds for XP: [link]
Beatnik: [link]
ColorPad: [link]
E-Notes: [link]
EZPop: [link]
Nextstart / Workshelf: [link]
Quicknotes: [link]
Sysmeter 2: [link]
XXCalc: [link]
Zoomer: [link]
Wallpaper Pack: [link]

By Stickyrice:
Winamp 2.x: [link]
ICQ Plus: [link]
Quicknotes: [link]
E-Notes: [link]
Verve: [link]
KewlPad: [link]
Wallpaper Pack: [link]

Comments appreciated!
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stetsonshaffer Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008
I love this photo!!!! I am building a website and would love your permission to use this photo. Please let me know thank you!!!
BrazilianRogue Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2007
cberry240 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2003
Simple. Clean. Very nice work. Minimalistic is a great style to take.
kron- Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2002   Writer
Excellent, certainly acts as a practical wallpaper... when I look at my desktop I get bored of a solid blue (no other color will do), and when I have wallpapers, I get tired of focussing on it instead of what I'm looking for. Very technical, and doesn't draw too much attention, but when I look at it it definetly makes me go "Ya man, rad" hehe

Good stuff
I am part of a dieing breed, or a new breed doomed to extinction
s0ulofsin Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2002
Hmm perspective...NEAT!
Ya been bz aye? See ya ard soon rice!
Check out my latest! 6819

:D (Big Grin)
:: F|u0r0 C0ncept : 0riginal S|N ::
xjoshuax Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2002
Yay, sticky, this is cool! :) (Smile) Thanks for the fine wallpaper!


// xjoshuax
quistaquay Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2002
w00t @ Blueprint. Its a good wp, simple like all should be, with a path for the eye to follow. and of course blue rawks....

The quiet screams, but i refuse to listen.
batfink Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2002
Very simple, nie and stylish looking too. I loike this one alot :D (Big Grin)

Your Bullets Cannot Harm Me, My Wings Are Like A Shield Of Steel
madcoffee Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
very minimalist. and it's good!

why am I here :? (Confused) why are you here :? (Confused)

for mari - id=153979
the-faun Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2002
nice and simple, i lub it!

]--[Nod ]---=:THE_FAUN:=---[Nod ]--[
Status: Adopting
temp0 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2002
this suite 0wns me something fearful, i lubbz0r it :P (Razz)

[: long live grayscale : ]
eking Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002
Simplicity, the way to go... ;) (Wink)

:o (Eek) _ ...:::] xGUI.CJB.NET [:::... ---> My Desktop id=126047 _;) (Wink)
riptide Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2002
I really like the grid and how it draws your eyes to the center of the screen. Good work my friend! I love that color too!

doing my part to be a deviant since 1978
spasmodelique Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
man, now you're releasing a full suite ?!?
fabulous !!!
i better better start collecting (err downloading) now :D (Big Grin)

spankalicious !
fenikz Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
hmmmmm, luv it... this my fav colour, you know: steel blue , hmmmmm

.:~everybody has his own style~:.
zerobyte Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the simplicity. I like simple stuff. But that's cause I have a simple mind :D (Big Grin)
But really, it's great stuff.

the truth rocks
c-specter Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2002
yeah, i need this, too! :D (Big Grin)

zeppelin Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
nice and simple wallpaper, good work

wow what do u know? it matches ur great winamp skin as well? =D (Big Grin)

sanguru Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
mmm, that's a sweet wall. nice and smooth. great blue color too.

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